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Every educated young man and woman has a dream to succeed in UPSC Civil Service Examination. This exam is considered to be one of the most difficult exams in India, yet it can be passed. If the candidate understands the nature of the civil service examination, he achieves half the success. The Civil Service Examination is a Public Service and the candidate has to work in key positions in the government machinery and provide service. This requires that each candidate prepares himself for what the UPSC expects. Every candidate can be successful if he brings out the strengths within himself as well as enters the field with disciplined preparation. Candidates coming from any background can succeed in UPSC exams if hard work is done with hard work and smart guidance is given along with correct guidance by removing the fear and ignorance filled inside them.

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General Studies (Pre + Mains)

Start: Every Year after Prelims
Duration : 9 Months
Available : Online & Offline

Gujarati Literature Offline

Start: Every 3 months new offline batch starts
Duration : 3 Months
Available : Offline

Gujarati Literature Online

Start: Every 2 months new online batch starts
Duration : 4 Months
Available : Online

English (Mains) + CSAT (P2)

Start: Every Year after Prelims
Duration : 05 Months
Available : Offline / Online

Test Series

General Studies (Mains) Mock Test/Practice Series
Gujarati Literature (UPSC Mains Optional Subject)

General Studies

Start: Every Year after Prelims
Duration : As per UPSC - Calander Year
Available : Online & Offline*

Gujarati Literature

Start: Throughout Calendar Year
Duration : Throughout Year
Available : Online & Offline*


Start: Every Year after Prelims
Duration : 1 Year
Available : Online & Offline

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